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Continued from page3 in a sequence of modelling shots! Here's the front page picture from Issue75 of Zyra's website. Many different interpretations of the surrealist psychedelic background have been postulated, and various meanings suggested. Oddly, though, this was during a time when the site was going through a bad patch, and publishing a new issue on christmas day did not help, as most people aren't so keen on going online and receiving the newsletter at xmas! See a higher resolution version of this weird picture
Positively Peculiar

Then on Issue78 there's this quite scary and dramatic picture. Another good hairdo with vivid pink hair colour, which contrasts well with the background which is somewhat disturbingly in negative, while Zyra is positive as you'd expect! This was the first front page picture at Zyra's site using the EOS350D camera, but the 8 megapixel resolution is best for photo galleries rather than websites, and the original picture had to be scaled-down to a fraction of its original size to make it possible to work on the image to create this effect. The result can be seen on the page i0689f.htm . The picture was then scaled down yet again to get it to fit on the front page of the website!
On reflection, having pink hair was a good idea

Here's the front page picture from some of the Issues86 and previous.

Yes, it is possible to take a self-portrait photograph with a camera in a mirror!

New worlds of opportunity


And here is the Issue87 front page picture, which took quite a lot more work to achieve!

Blue hair, and the terraformed planet Venus in the background, based on images provided by those helpful friendly people at Relief Globe - was http://www.reliefglobe.com/

I've got my doubts about this tax haven


The front page picture from Issue93, in which the picture appears as if in the background it's a tropical beach picture postcard. In the foreground you can see Zyra with apparently bright pink hair, which is actually Intense Red by Smart Beauty viewed in bright light when applied to hair that had already been bleached blonde. Visiting tax havens is all very well, and some of them are very nice places, but you have to be careful to avoid problems and complications. This picture is known as: I've got my doubts about this tax haven

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