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Zyra photo gallery page 5Another weird picture

Continued from photo gallery page 4 in a sequence of modelling shots

Usually a photograph is four sided, but here's a photo with five sides.
Five Phase ElectricityWith Issue104 another new hair colour, also introducing the idea of five phase electricity.

EvergreenThen on Issue108, Green!

Gothic?That property may be spacious, but it may need some repair. Still, it makes a good backdrop.

PanamaramaThe front page picture of Issue117, with the Panorama of Panama.

Along the CanalMore about the Panama Canal here, and also to see a higher res piccie of this shot, see Picture of Zyra near the Panama Canal in closeup.

Zyra with Toxic DrumsWell OK it's come out a bit dark on some monitors, but you can clearly see there's Zyra (with blue hair) in some surrealist scene. It was quite a bold co-branding modelling shoot with Toxic Drums! More about this at the Zyra and Toxic Drums photoshoot page.